BTG Auto Glass & Tinting
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Reasons to get your car tinted:
  • Privacy when parked or while driving
  • Protect the interior from fading
  • Keeps the car cooler during the summer
  • Help save gas by not using as much of the A/C
  • Not as much glare while driving
  • Gives the car a clean, sleek look
  • Fast, 1hour job!

Some facts about our film and warranty:
  • We carry 3 type of automotive films.
                - Charcoal Series [CH]
                - High Quality Series [HQ]
                - OZ Ceramic [OZ]
  • Shades available:
                - 50% [HQ Only] - ONLY MD ST LEGAL
                - 40% [HQ Only] - *NEW*
                - 35% *
                - 20% *
                - 10% [CH Only]
                - 05%

* Available in all 3 series. [CH, HQ, and OZ]

We offer
LIFETIME warranty on bubbling, peeling and
BTG Auto Glass & Tint of Pasadena is a proud user
of Bio Window Film.
Professional Tint Specialist and Auto Glass Specialist
BTG Auto Glass gives you same day
service so there's less stress on you not
having a car during the fix.

In this economy, it is hard and a struggle to dig deep
into your wallets to get your auto glass
fixed/replaced. But BTG Auto Glass is happy to say,
We are the cheapest prices in the area!

Highly trained auto glass specialists, we can get you
in and out in the same day!

We offer a 1 YEAR warranty on leakage and

Insurance ACCEPTED.
BTG Auto Glass
We accept:             CASH

NO Personal Checks ACCEPTED