Copyright © 2005-2013 EC Brothers Inc. T/A Bio Trading Group. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2005-2013 EC Brothers Inc. T/A Bio Trading Group. All rights reserved.
Security (Safety) Film
1. Protecting human life and fortune from
Trespass through glass is mainly done by
using weak window. However if safety film is
applied, trespass is not possible by breaking
glass because this glass cannot be broken
by fairly
much impact.

2. Protecting harmful ultraviolet rays
It prevents decoloration or discoloration of
high-quality interiors and electronics
appliances by blocking harmful infrared rays
in sunlight.

3. Protecting people and fortune from big
accident due to explosion or gasoline bomb.
It can save people and fortune from direct and
indirect damage occurred by large explosion
because it prevents scattering of pieces of

4. Energy saving effect
sunlight and maintains cool temperature
during summer and minimizes heat loss
through window during winter. Therefore it
has keeping warm effect.
Characteristics and effects of safety films
It is also called as bulletproof film and generally used by
coating polyester is adjusted according to required level of
safety or structure can be changed such as 1 layer (1ply), 2
layers (2ply), and 3 layers
Safety films were developed for preventing trespass from
outside or protecting people from outside powerful physical
impact. If safety film is attached to existing glass,
possibility to get damaged by breakage is sharply
decreased because strength of glass is increased. Also it
prevents decoloration or discoloration of interiors because
it protects harmful ultraviolet rays in sunlight and reduces
heat transfer to outside. Therefore we can get insulation
and energy saving effect.
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